Swarna Bharat Trust, a service oriented non-governmental organization, was born in the year 2001 with the noble intentions of eight well-meaning, like-minded and service oriented individuals; all friends of Sri Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India - giving shape to their thoughts and taking up selfless activities in the duty of motherland, with an intention of giving back to the society.

SWARNA BHARAT TRUST is guided by Mahatma Gandhi ji’s dictum ‘Back to Villages’. The following are the principal objectives of the Trust.

Improve the conditions of living for the rural masses by providing education and healthcare, thereby enabling them to employ themselves gainfully

Bridge the gap between rural and urban India and make the rural masses confident and to contribute to the development of economy and progress of the nation

Bring to their doorsteps the technological advances and innovations in science and technology to make their lives better

Impart vocational and computer training to the rural youth

Educate the farmers about the new techniques of farming and alternate crops and train the artisans to engage themselves in self-employment

Empower the rural women by imparting necessary skills so as to equip them for self-employment and in turn, become part of strong rural economy

Encourage and support rural culture and traditions

      The Trust does not run on any aid from the Government and they have made it a point not to seek any grants. In a short span of time, the Trust has earned for itself a very good reputation. Regular charitable activities take place and the Trust does not allow any political function to take place in the Trust.